The Yoga Space.

The Yoga Space is intended to be less of a studio and more of a school with an emphasis on education and unique programs. There is plenty of open space in the daily schedule so teachers can work with clients, host special classes, workshops, day-long retreats, immersions and trainings.

It’s location on the second floor makes it feel like a Sanctuary - removed from street noise, flooded with natural light, and minimalist decor.



  • 2 Spaces for Yoga

    • Studio Space fits 14-20 mats

    • Treatment Room for single student private sessions, consultations, bodywork or massage.

  • Props include:

    • 16 blankets

    • 24 blocks

    • skeletons - full disarticulated skeleton plus a spine and pelvis

    • white board

    • 2 bolsters

    • 4 mats

  • Men’s + Women’s Bathrooms with 3 stalls each located in the common area

  • Keypad Deadbolt for easy entry

  • Tea and water service

  • Online Scheduling for reliable reservations


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