Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide “home” for fitness professionals, yoga teachers, and movement specialists seeking to train and teach outside of the big gym and studio box. We seek to serve clients and students who value expertise, individual attention, and plenty of space to breath and move.

About the Owners:

The Space SF was created by the partnership of Heberto Escobar and Alison Smith. Heberto is a personal trainer and Alison is a yoga teacher. They each have over 10 years of experience in their respective fields and saw a great need in their communities for creative space.

They created The Space to give independent trainers and established teachers an opportunity to expand their offerings. Their greatest hope for The Space SF is that it becomes a community where trainers and teachers change lives, build their business, and experience success on all levels.


Our Team:

The team at The Space SF are all independent personal trainers, yoga teachers and movement specialists. They come to The Space SF with creativity, vision, and innovation. We provide the space (literally) so they can do their best work. Check out the team members and what they have to offer

Personal Trainers

Yoga Teachers

Movement Arts