Looking for a Personal Trainer or Yoga Teacher?

The Space SF has an incredible team of independent personal trainers and professional yoga teachers. When you send an inquiry to The Space, we’ll personally respond and match you with the trainer, teacher, or classes that best suit your needs and goals.

What is Special about The Space SF?

First of all, just that: space. This is a private facility so you can escape from the crowds.

Quality over Quantity.

At The Space, we value quality rather than quantity. Our speciality is 1-1 personal training, private yoga session, and semi-private group classes. We keep things small to provide a peaceful environment and ensure individual attention.

Education and Expertise.

Because The Space caters to independent trainers and teachers, they are pros with many years of experience. Each trainer and teacher also has a unique personality and developed expertise in certain fields or demographics. We know that a “match” between trainer-client and teacher-student is critical, if you’re new to The Space, our administrators will pair you with a teacher or trainer with expertise to meet your needs.

Sustainable instead of Sensational.

At The Space we believe in the tried and true. We provide sustainable fitness and yoga programs so that you achieve enduring success.

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