Attune + Align Mentorship with Marisa Lavalette
to Mar 7

Attune + Align Mentorship with Marisa Lavalette

During this elite six month holistic lifestyle mentorship program, Bay Area women gather twice monthly for connection, creativity, and collaboration with the potential to build a new business, brand, or blog.

For women asking What’s Next? With Whom? And How?, we’ll work to uncover your dharma—your heart’s highest purpose. Work with Marisa 1:1 to attune to and affirm the heart’s desires as both valid and powerful. Take actionable steps to begin shifting into a lifestyle where your heart serves as your compass. We’ll work real time to align your innermost wishes with how your life plays out on a daily basis. Your journey towards actualization is buoyed by wellness and lifestyle tools such as yoga, mindfulness, holistic nutrition, and brand development strategy.

The goal of this mentorship and workshop series is to empower women to live a life that provides a reflection of the most authentic self. By the end of the program, mentees will create a website, map out a social branding strategy, and will be ready to teach a workshop about their area of specialty.

To guide them along the way with insight and experience, mentees will meet with a collection of female creatives and business owners in a series of workshops to hone in on every woman’s unique voice and passion. You’ll hear from fashion designers, boutique travel vendors, nutritionists, and a marketing exec-turned-world champion salsa dancer.

Check out our monthly schedule overview and workshop offerings here.

The mentorship kicks off on September 7, 2019. Upon acceptance, you’ll be assigned preparatory assignments, and Marisa will send you everything you need to begin.


$4,805 — $995 deposit + (6) $635 monthly payments — by July 1 EARLY BIRD

$5,405 — $995 deposit + (6) $735 monthly payments — after July 1

+ REFER A FRIEND for $500 off : )

deposits are non-refundable

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200-hr Teacher Training in the Maze Method with Nichol Chase
to Jan 19

200-hr Teacher Training in the Maze Method with Nichol Chase

Learn to teach what you love!

200-hour teacher trainings take you on a journey of self-discovery and education into all things yoga. This foundational training (200–hour) program is ideal for serious students of yoga, aspiring yoga teachers, and teachers with varying levels of experience. Students with injuries and health issues are encouraged to attend. Our curriculum combines detailed alignment and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory, and provides you with sound knowledge and skills to teach safe and effective yoga classes. This training is recognized by Yoga Alliance and focuses in three areas of study: The Theory and Practice of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, and The Art of Teaching. Graduates may register with Yoga Alliance at its RYT-200 level upon successful completion.

In this training, you will study and deconstruct asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work), meditation, applied anatomy, therapeutics, yoga theory & practice, yoga history & philosophy, basic Sanskrit, ethics & boundaries, and you will master the skills required to teach. With great precision and clarity, your trainer will cover the primary tools needed to teach yoga to others. In addition to studying the fundamental yoga postures, topics will include:

  • How to improve your own yoga practice

  • How to teach a yoga pose

  • Actions and alignment

  • Purpose and use of props

  • Restorative poses

  • Observing and understanding bodies

  • The art of teaching

  • When and how to modify yoga poses

  • How or whether to touch students and when to use adjustments

  • How to effectively sequence a class

  • Introduction to meditation

  • Functional anatomy and physiology

  • Meaning behind asana systems

  • History of Yoga – major schools and movements


Pay In Full by July 26: $3,000
Pay In Full After July 26: $3,400

Pay in 4 installments: $3,600
$900 deposit to hold your space
$900 due October 12
$900 due November 2
$900 due November 30


Module 1: October 26-November 3 2019
Module 2: January 11-19 2020

9 hours per day, generally 10am-7pm

Complete participation is strongly recommended. However, life events and circumstances sometimes take priority, and we are as flexible and reasonable as we can be with our students. Makeup options are available. Please see our Makeup Policy for more information.


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Applied Yoga Integration with Jory Serota
to Oct 20

Applied Yoga Integration with Jory Serota

Applied Yoga Integration is a master education for yoga teachers and advanced students.   Participants are taught a mobility system that uses both yoga poses and remedial exercises for assessment and treatment of range of motion and musculoskeletal pain

Applied Yoga Integration teaches you treat and integrate yoga and functional movement into your classes and private treatments.  It is a yoga training that gives you critical information about human biomechanics, joint alignment and the introduction of breath work into your practice.   AYI helps you thrive as a teacher, trainer or movement educator.    

If you have ever:

  •  Had questions about how to work with injuries and create functional joints…

  • Wished that you had more understanding of alignment and human biomechanics

  • Sought a way to systematically assess mobility and figure out where someone’s lack of motion or pain is coming from…

  • Had a private student that doesn’t do their homework

  • Noticed that perhaps there is (or should be) more to yoga than just asana…

  • Wanted more training in Breath Work, Diaphragm Mechanics and Yogic Breathing…

During this in-depth seminar, you'll learn about:

  • Using movement as assessment and therapy

  • Creating Functional Motor Control

  • Alignment principles for all yoga poses

  • Spinal segmentation techniques

  • Treating SI joint dysfunction

  • Posterior chain strengthening for back pain

  • The necessity of both active and passive stretching

  • Treatment for the rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries

  • Proven strategies to work with knee pain

  • Diaphragm mechanics and Yogic breath work

Saturday + Sunday, 9am-5:30pm

Early Registration (Until September 19): $495

Regular Tuition: $595

Register Here:

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Saturday Sessions with Alison Smith
to Aug 24

Saturday Sessions with Alison Smith

Saturday Sessions: The Wisdom Body

During this series, we’ll weave the myths and metaphors of the Yoga Tradition, with modern bio-mechanics, intelligent alignment, and powerful action. This synthesis of east and west, to bring both magic and meaning, is called Wisdom Body.


Saturdays, 10am-12pm

6/8- Session 1: Koshas: Understanding the Layers of Being

6/22: Session 2: Centered: Susumna and the Spine

7/20: Session 3: the Dance of Opposites: Sun/Moon, Ida/Pingala, Backbends/Forwardbends

8/10 - Session 4: Mula: the pelvic floor and kundalini

8/24 - Session 5: 1000 petaled lotus: the crown/head/neck and consciousness

Register Here for Drop-Ins ($50/session):

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